To get started

Introduction to AuverCloud API terminology and concepts.

API server: Understanding the AuverCloud API server.

API client: Objective and use of the AuverCloud API client libraries.

Common errors: Description of the API server common error messages.

Cloud content

Content publishing services

content_log: To obtain the list of the archived versions of a text content.

content_pub: To publish a content edited and managed in AuverCloud Studio  rich text, picture or slideshow, menu.

content_rss: To publish a text content and its archive versions as a RSS feed.

Cloud data

Session based cloud data storage and retrieval

data_delete: To delete some data identified by its ID.

data_down: To download some data identified by its ID.

data_list: To list the data owned or shared with a user.

data_search: To search data by text in searchable text (as opposed to encoded data).

data_up: To upload and create or update some private or shared data.

User subscription

Registration management and visitor engagement

contact: To get visitors messages with acknowledgement and registration for emailing.

subscribe: Simple callback based subscription process.

password_reset: Simple callback based password reset process in case of password lost or locked subscriber account.

unsubscribe: Simple callback based unsubscription process.

User session

Management of user based sessions

signed: To check that a user session is valid.

signin: To start a user session.

signout: To close a user session.

User profile

Session based user profile utilities

mobile_confirm: To confirm a mobile phone number by code validation.

mobile_define: To send a confirmation code to a worldwide mobile phone number in order to validate it.

password_change: To update a user password.

profile_get: To return subscriber profile data.

profile_get: To update subscriber profile data.

EMAIL services

Session based email services

message_create: To create an empty message.

message_read: To read the components of a message.

message_update: To update one or more components of a message.

message_delete: To delete a message.

message_list: To list the messages owned by a user.

message_send: To send a message to the recipients defined in its properties.


Various technical and user interface services

business_info: To retrieve public information about a business account defined by one of its application key.

callback: Return point for token and callback based processes such as subscribe or password_reset.

challenge_new: To get a CAPTCHA-like customizable visual challenge.

challenge_check: To check the result of a visual challenge defined by challenge_new.

location: To get the IP address and the country of the calling web browser.

page_track: To track anonymous browser information in order create statistics in AuverCloud Studio.

qr: To create a customized QR-code returned as PNG picture or a textual array.

stat_api: To return API call statistic data as displayed in AuverCloud Studio.

version: Elementary API for tutorial purpose.