CLOUD DATA  data_up

api description


data_up uploads some data owned by a signed user. AuverCloud data has the two following properties:

  • Data is shareable: See the optional parameter share below to define the sharing code.
  • Data is searchable: The data itself is encoded on server on server side to ensure privacy, but the optional parameter searchable can be used to retrieve data with data_search.

data_up returns a data ID. This ID is used in several cases:

  • To download some data with data_down.
  • To update some existing data: See the optional parameter id below.
  • To delete some data with data_delete.

data_up requires valid session parameters: uuid, usid, udid and eost. See signin for further details.

http method: POST

call cost: 1 point

See the pricing section for more details.

mandatory parameter(s)

parameter values / comments
key E.g. "c54e7837e0cd0ced286cb5995327d1ab54e35987179b2". It is an application key generated by AuverCloud Studio.
uuidUnique User ID.
usidUnique Session ID.
udidUnique Device ID.
eostEnd of Session Time.
dataAny data in a string up to 16 megabytes.

optional parameters(s)

parameter values / comments
idData ID. If set, the server updates the data defined by an existing ID, otherwise it creates a new data on server and returns the ID.
shareA code to define how the data will be shared:
  • 0: The data can be downloaded, updated and deleted only by its owner. This is the default value.
  • 1: Shared for download with any user of the same AuverCloud business account.
  • 2: Shared for download and update with any user of the same AuverCloud business account.
  • 3: Shared for download with anybody.
  • 4: Shared for download with anybody and for update with any user of the same AuverCloud business account.

On update, this parameter can only be modified by the owner.

searchableSearchable text up to 32,768 characters.

call sample

This example is the code used in the test case below. It assumes that jQuery and the JavaScript AuverCloud runtime client are loaded in order to use the arc.api() method. See the API client section for more details.



code message comments
644 String too long. One or more parameters exceeds its maximum length.
645 Unknown data. The optional data ID is not recognized.
646 Forbidden access. One of these two causes: The data is not shared or the business account is not the expected one.

See also the Common errors section.

test bed


To test the API with your own keys, please see the section Application keys in AuverCloud Studio.