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api description


callback is very special for the two following reasons:

  • It is never called directly by an application but by a single-use link that is generated by another API (e.g. subscribe) in order to be integrated in various contexts such as email or SMS.
  • It does not require a key parameter.

It is the reason why the actions that it performs depend on what API has generated the link and then the call:

  • In case of a link build by subscribe, it finalizes the subscription process.
  • In case of a link build by password_reset, it finalizes the password reset process.

See hereinafter the specific errors depending on those contexts.

http method: GET

call cost: 1 point

See the pricing section for more details.

mandatory parameter(s)

parameter values / comments
token Single-use token ID.

optional parameters(s)



code message comments
641 Unknown token. Either the token ID is unknown or is already burned.
642 Undefined callback. The action related to the callback is undefined.
This should never occur .
650 Email address is already used. You cannot subscribe a user twice.
651 Email address is unknown.

See also the Common errors section.